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Queensberry Fight Network will let you connect to this Internet TV channel
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Queensberry Fight Network that will let you connect to this Internet TV channel.
The channel will let you watch programs from boxing content providers. You can select to view fights from every weight category, as well as old fights, special programs and exclusive interviews with people related to the box. The channel also offers live fights. You will have to get a membership in order to be able to buy the right to view any program. You can just preview some seconds of the fights if you do not pay for it.

Queensberry Fight Network will install as a "News and Sports" extra in your Windows Media Center. You can select this program, and then select the program you want to watch into the program´s menu. Once selected, you can view the video in a little window, or in full screen. This program WILL NOT place any direct access to it, just the component in the Windows Media Center extra library. You can then use the controls that appear in the screen to put up or down the volume, rewind or forward the video.

In brief, Queensberry Fight Network is an easy way to watch box fights through your computer.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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